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Manufacturing stuff creates pollution and it is Packsture’s responsibility to clean up that mess. It is also our duty to and find creative ways to manufacture with less pollution in the first place! All our gear here at Packsture are carbon neutral.  We need to reduce and eliminate any and all emissions, and getting there requires multiple strategies. This is why we need your support to support our business.

We are proud to introduce our integrated  “At cost repair program” that we recently launched to fix and reuse all our gear, and nearly every single garment is repairable. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. This means less material has the chance to end up in a landfill. (This is a big deal)

Our gear is designed right here at home and manufactured in factories that pay workers fairly and provide for their safety. We work with our partners to ensure safety and code of conduct. We  have been using third party audits to  ensure these standards are always met.

1% of Mogador sales go to environmental nonprofits.  We are fully committed to sustainability and have engaged our users live and online for a better education and the importance of sustainability.  When we advertise: Join our family, we REALLY mean it!