The Packsture Jacket
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The Packsture Jacket Review

The Packsture Jacket from startup Packsture is the company’s first major product. It’s a fantastic opening salvo for the outdoor company. The jacket has a wide range of uses and features that should appeal to outdoor enthusiasts or anyone simply looking for a quality jacket.

Weight: Less than 2lb (1Kg)
Insulation: 3M Thinsulate
Waterproof/Breathability: 10,000mm/10,000g
Materials/Technologies: Taped seems, laser cut design, 3M Thinsulate insulation, underarm ventilation system, waterproof fabrics, an array of pockets, and even a survival whistle.

The jacket was built with a True-to-size unisex fit. The main technology behind the jacket leverages 3M’s well known Thinsulate synthetic fiber thermal insulation. The body of the jacket is filled with 40-60 grams of insulation, while the arms are 30-40 grams. The fabric features a 10,000mm waterproof capability and an MVTR of 10,000g. All of these combine to provide a tough jacket that will protect you through most conditions down to -4F (-20C), while also keeping the bulk and weight down. With more pockets than you could possibly fill, it provides great access and near endless possibilities for your storage needs.


The mesh lined under arm ventilation is perfect for releasing heat during higher intensity hikes or when the temps begin to rise. The waterproof fabric and taped seams will ensure you stay dry as long as you aren’t in a torrential downpour. The removable helmet compatible hood is also something that I personally enjoy. I don’t typically use a hood unless there is heavy rain or wind so I like the option of leaving it in my pack and out of the way until I need it. Snowboarding and hiking are my go-to activities and this jacket checks the boxes when it comes to keeping me dry and warm. The cloth covered zipper enclosure is a must have. I’m shocked at how many jackets I see in this category that don’t have this simple feature. I can’t stand having stiff jacket materials or zippers rubbing against my face. Fortunately, Packsture has thought of us with the design of this jacket.


Overall I’m personally a fan of jackets in this range. I rarely ever wear thick or heavy jackets as I find them uncomfortable due to the weight or because I get too hot. I prefer to have a few lighter layers in the cold weather so I can regulate my temperature more efficiently. If you are also a person who tends to generate a lot of heat then you will appreciate the lighter bulk and construction, whether you layer up or throw the jacket on over a shirt.


I’m a huge fan of only bringing the essentials with me on most of my outdoor adventures. That means I don’t like having to get multiple jackets for different activities and seasons. Packsture’s new jacket is definitely one to consider if you are looking for a great all around jacket to keep you warm and dry in varying situations. Whether you are snowboarding, hiking, camping or walking from the parking garage to work, this jacket is sure to meet and possibly exceed your requirements.


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