Astounding Backpacking Trips

All backpacking trips are amazing in so many ways! Just the fact that you are out for a new adventure is a good start. You get to experience new and different things. If we head out to new places that you have never visited before, it’s exciting! Every time Packsture decides to go on a backpacking trip with some of our friends, family members or colleagues we always end up having the best time and share the memories!

There are many astounding backpacking destinations that will take your breath away. Here are a few suggestions so make sure to put them on your bucket list:

– Tour du Mont Blanc, located in France, Italy, and Switzerland

It is one of the most popular tours in Europe. Feel the excitement and visit this amazing place.

– Torres del Paine, located in Chile

Offers a great landscape with blue glaciers, wildflower fields, exotic wildlife, condors and subpolar forests. Enjoy the pace and create unforgettable moments.

– Laugavegurinn Trail, located in Iceland

This hiking trail is the most popular one in Iceland. It will seduce you with its pure beauty and the majestic views of the valleys, cascading waterfalls and glaciers.

– Kalalau Trail- Hawaii, USA

This is a short route but have a majestic view along the Hanakoa. It is a good place to hike, visit and explore.

– The Queen Charlotte Track, located in New Zealand

This is one of the best tours among the travelers in this country. It offers a spectacular view of glassy water with skyline ridges.

– The Jomolhari Trek, located in Bhutan

It is a place in the Himalayas that offers a breathtaking view and pleasant weather conditions.

– The Inca trail to Machu Picchu, located in Peru

It is a marvelous place that is worth a visit. It is a world-known destination that is the dream of every hiker.

– The Gates of the Arctic National Park, located in Alaska

To discover the whole track you have to use maps, GPS, or compasses. This place is amazing and it should be on your list of hiking destinations.

– The John Muir Trail, located in California in the USA

This is a special trip that will catch your eye with its sunny route, and because of that it is considered one of the best segments of the Pacific Trail. Have a special look at this destination.

– The Dingle Way, located in Ireland

This remarkable destination offers a good variety of landscapes. They have golden beaches, dusty plains, rugged cliffs, and stone ruins. Make time for visiting this exciting place.

– The long trail, located in Vermont

This one is the oldest long-distance route in the area. This is a special place and should be on your list of MUST hike destinations.

Each one of us would like to visit more places. Every place has its own beauty that makes us feel special once you visit and experience it. Remember, The most important thing is not the location but the memory! Thanks for the LOVE. All comments are appreciated. #MyPacksture