Being Outdoors Is Therapeutic

Being outdoors is a good thing, especially to improve your health, mind and well-being in general. Being outdoors also helps you clear your mind and gather your thoughts for the day. Over time, you will get smarter, stronger and connected to your inner peace.

Most of the time, we are so busy with work and we do the same thing at home, things never ends and you feel stuck, everyday; the term here is “quicksand”! Our time outdoors is very limited due to our work schedule or simply because we are busy with so many things. Hence, even more of a reason to pull the plug and start heading out. Make the time and work around your schedule to make sure you spend more time outdoors for the greater good. When we are outdoors, we learn to appreciate every single thing that provides us energy so we can maintain a healthy and stable mind. i.e some yoga might be very useful!

During the weekend when we have more free time, it is recommended that we spend as much of it as possible in nature where there is more green, colorful trees and flowers helps you relax. There are many benefits from from being outdoors that affect our physical and mental well-being.

How nature affects your mind

Take a break and find out. A pause from your busy and exhausting day is most certainly helpful; find a nice quit area outdoors and spend a few minutes there to re-energies. This practice will provide a positive outcome in the long run. It will improve your cognitive performance, which is very important.

Your brain will function better, your memory will improve too. Other impressive things that will get better are our creative and problem solving skills, it’s unbelievable. If you are in the middle of a very important project, take a break and walk around in the closest park you can find, get back to your complex project and you will be amazing how you can see things differently.

How nature affects your body

There are several good benefits when it comes to the body. Feeling nature’s ambience not only affects your mind (Wish we discussed above), but it also helps your body improve. This includes but not limited to:

– Increased physical energy
– Faster recovery
– Decreased anxiety
– Reduction in the tension of the muscles
– Lowered level of stress hormones
– Strengthened immune system
– Decreased heart rate
– Decreased blood pressure
– Improved cholesterol level

These are astonishing benefits that modern medicine can’t provide! Your Health and Well-being is really within reach. Go for it and create a positive entourage that will improve your life for the better.

How nature affects our spirit

When it comes to our beliefs, nature can speak to us in so many ways! When you mind and body are clear of all the gibberish that we endure daily, you will most certainly enter a different stage with your inner self. When you communicate with the universe, watch it return the positive energy back to you in an astonishing ways.

When you are out in the wild and your mind, body and spiritual being are where they need to be, it’s like pressing a shutoff button that throw away all the the stress accumulated from living a hectic lifestyle and turn it into this slow, steady and beautiful thing that is manageable. Many research projects confirms that our time spent in nature is essential for our psychological health and wellbeing in general.

A little fresh air can help your respiratory system work better. The vitamin D obtained from the sun is good for our us. It is scientifically proven that any time spent outdoors is good for maintaining our minds, body, and spirit. Thanks for being Awesome! Please feel free to comment and share this article with family and friends. You might change someone’s life for the better today. #MyPacksture