Born To Roam

Outdoor Hiking For Beginners

There is something about the true simplicity of nature that captivates me every time that I experience it. It’s all too common that people get all wrapped up in their working lives that they forget to put some time aside to appreciate this beautiful life that we are given. I can’t think of a time in my life that I didn’t take full advantage of any opportunity to get outdoors when I had a chance.

From the days when I was younger, I can remember so many enjoyable camping trips with my family. I can remember back to the days that my siblings and I would spend hours in the woods building forts and swinging on vines, we’d be flipping rocks to find salamanders, going fishing, hiking around, and so many other outdoor adventures. You name it and I’m sure we attempted it one time or another. We didn’t have a care in the world, we were just simply living life.

As I have grown up over the years, obviously responsibilities started to come more into play, but the one thing that has never changed was my love for the wilderness. During college, a place known as Whites Woods was my ultimate getaway location. I have that place to thank for my sanity and stress relief during my college days. It was full of nature trails and wildlife. It’s safe to say I knew that place like the back of my hand after my four years of living in that college town.

Summer of 2018, I had an internship in Texas. The place itself was wonderful, but I couldn’t help to feel that something was really missing in my life. My internship kept me busy. Consequently, I didn’t have a lot of spare time to travel far from the area that I was living in. I knew that exploring the nature trails around me was a necessity for my peace of mind. I succeeded at finding trails. However, they were all made of cement and the sound of the highway was never far enough away. Peaceful one-on-one time with nature was so hard for me to find. I realized quickly that the city life is definitely not for me.

Following my college career, I landed in Alabama. This was a slightly risky move to take. I’ve never been to the area before, but a job opportunity was there, so I took it. To my surprise I felt more at home there than I ever would have imagined. I discovered that no matter where life takes me, I can always a find a piece of “home” in it.

Home to me is not just a place I live in, it is the atmosphere that surrounds me. I have discovered trails, waterfalls, wildlife, hiking friends and all things outdoors that make me feel more at peace with myself than any place with four walls can ever do. After my 23 years of living, one thing that I know for sure is: I am born to roam, everywhere is home.