How Not To Sleep In A Tent

I have another memory from day camp as a child. When I was a teenager, a friend of mine named Kathy attended the same camp. She and I both stayed for the overnight event that year. We stayed in a platform tent, in our sleeping bags. In the morning, Kathy woke me up to tell me there was a bear outside of the tent. That would have been normally concerning enough, but there was a reason it was a little more worrisome than usual. You see, I had recently read that the best way to sleep in a sleeping bag was in the nude. Of course, that was the time I decided to try it out! So, what to do? I was a teenager in the nude, in a sleeping bag, in a tent, in the middle of the woods, with a bear outside of the tent. I had left my clothes in the foot of the sleeping bag, to keep them warm. I didn’t know whether to run, try to get dressed inside the sleeping bag first, or hide in the sleeping bag!

Luckily, the bear decided to run away after a very short time that seemed to last a long time! I didn’t even have time to process all of my choices to make a decision. From then on, I made sure to stay dressed when sleeping outdoors.