Finding Wow Moments

We all want to visit beautiful places that would take our breaths away, be part of something majestic but truth to be told, you have to work for it. Being in the city is kinda challenging and finding that remote spot you have been looking for is quit impossible. There is so much going on and the only places to find a WOW moment is to head toward what we call “away”. We have been to so many places and it is inevitable that you will find your WOW moment if you continue to explore!

Finding WOW places is a spectacular feeling because you get to witness an unusual sight, especially if you are with a good company; a wife, husband, boyfriend, best friend or simply your travel buddy! Always remember that it is not the place but the people around you that makes it a wow moment.

We made a small list that can inspire you for your next next travel destination and since everyone enjoys a different types of experience we have divided the list for you to suit your needs, accordingly.

• The most beautiful places in the world with tropical views:

– Kauai, Hawaii, a true ropical paradise. You could swim, dive, hike and bike
– Bora Bora, visit the magnificent blue waters that will take your breath away
– Longsheng, China, majestic look at the scales of a unique terrace
– Victoria Falls, Zambia, discover the largest waterfalls in the world
– Amazon River, Brazil, stunning view with impressive images of colors
– Rainbow Mountains in China, fascinating region with marvelous colors of the mountains
– Railay, Thailand, explore this magical place and swim in blue waters

• The most beautiful arctic places:

– Neuschwanstein, Germany, visit the Disney’s castle inspiration
– Northern Lights, Iceland, natural arctic sky with special lights
– Antarctica, the coldest continent
– Yellowstone National Park, USA, enjoy the possibility to see variety of wildlife
– Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, feel the Alaskan’s spirit
– Torres Del Paine, Chile, national park that has beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers
– Svalbard, Norway, see polar bears and the beautiful arctic fox

• Most beautiful Architectural Places in the word:

– The temples of Bagan, Myanmar, impressive place for those who love ancient history
– The ancient city of Petra, Jordan, masterpiece of architecture and designs
– Machu Picchu, Peru, beautiful place worth a trip for majestic views
– Venice, Italy, explore the city living on water and enjoy its special architecture and history
– The pyramid of Giza, visit this mysterious place and think Pharaoh and history
– Ta Prohm, Camodia, impressive and beautiful place
– The Taj Mahal, India, beautiful place that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Final thoughts:

This beautiful world of ous is full of amazing places. You have to decide what makes you happy and want impresses you. This is a great thought here because not every beautiful place leaves a mark on you. The place that many thinks it’s amazing doesn’t feel that way for others. Different impressions by different people. Find out what’s your favorite place, your wildest dreams and make a statement for the world.

There are other interesting destinations for sure! Make sure to check local travel guides to find the hidden gems; we honestly got used to the idea of finding “unknown” places and talk to the locals and get raw insights of amazing places. Not everyone is the same but everyone can find the same place. Thanks for reading. #MyPacksture