Bluebird Day

“Hey mom, can I ditch school to ski?”

The secret of life? Just enjoy the ride. Whether you ski or snowboard, we all experience that “hell yeah” feeling when a snowstorm hits overnight and we wake up to six new inches of fresh snow. Parking lots are full, and the lines are getting packed as soon as the mountain opens. Waxing our boards or skis, adjusting our bindings and making sure our gear is set correctly. Fueling our bodies with waffles, eggs and bacon till we are full. Setting our go-pro up, making sure it is on right footage and attaching it to our helmet.

Sending the “I am not waiting for you on a powder day” texts to our friends but they are already ahead of us, and on the shuttle heading that way. As soon as we clip our boots into our bindings, we know it is a good day. Riding up the chairlift, looking back at the valley and seeing all these mountain bums gliding down the mountain. As soon as we get off, we already make our way down the bowl. Wow what a bluebird day, but don’t be fooled…it is below zero degrees and an absolute inversion. So a lot warmer up top, than bottom. The feeling of gravity pulling us down the mountain, and all the extra weight coming off our shoulders. We feel this release of all our responsibilities, struggles, and mistakes just go away.

Fully engaged in the moment, our adrenaline rush is high. We forget about last week’s exam, or the rough day we had at work. We just feel so free and alive as we make our turns down the slopes. It may be cold, and our knees may be tired, but the sunny skies and crystal covered slopes make it all worth it. A day in the mountain, hiking, climbing or hitting the slopes on our skis or boards, never disappoints.

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