It’s All About You

Being outdoors is the most amazing feeling one can experience, but having the right gear makes it worth it even more! Often, we found ourselves struggling to decide what kind of gear we want to use for our adventures, performance shirts we want to wear for trekking, socks we need for mountaineering, or simply if the jacket we just bought is worth the money for snowboarding/skiing. There are a lot of unanswered questions that circle around a few simple principals: quality, design, fit and style.

Packsture is a family run business that is structured around individuals, just like you, who are ready to make a statement about the way they approach the outdoors and how they choose their gear. We believe in the 4 principals; and to give you an idea of what’s coming soon @Packsture here is what we think:


To assess the quality of a garment you have to understand that not all apparel is made to last. Some argue that the quality is in decline due to a global fashion system that focuses more on fast production and a cheap price.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a clothing expert to spot a good brand with top quality. Some ideas are to check the brand label, make sure the company is reputable, looks for verified reviews, allow your instinct to kick in, and inspect the product –  hold and stretch the material and make sure to look at the seams inside and out. Our customers and ambassadors are witnesses of that quality. You are more than welcome to reach out to us and ask anything you want once we launch.


It’s no doubt that this is one of the longest steps in the process of making awesome gear! Making a good design requires a lot of brains, skills and unmatched focus! Working on 3D software is no easy task.  Seriously, you have to take into consideration so many factors that influence the final outcome. From function, fashion to cost (of course); we at Packsture are more interested in providing premium design that combines quality, design, fit and style. We will be producing some designs soon and you will be able to see our ambassadors using the items in the most rugged conditions. Sign up on our website to be added to the list to get notified of when we launch. We will also have discounts for early birds; you DO NOT want to miss it!!


It’s repetitive and it works! We have a system of testing out all our gear on different people of different age groups, sizes, and weights! We will have a sizing chart that will answer all your questions about sleeve sizes, chest, neck, waist and everything in between. Just look for our sizing chart attached to every product on our website to learn more.


Ah! A lot of outdoor enthusiasts want to have a functional, premium design, but style is as important to them as everything else! We are following the latest trends and will bring you the coolest styles there are.  We have massive experience and we travel all over the world, a lot! We speak many languages and meet with companies everywhere. Style is what we do best!

Again, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get discounts when we launch. Sign up on our website to get notified before we launch to be among the few to redeem the discount and take advantage of our early bird specials.

Much love to you all from @Packsture – It’s all about you!