Ten Best Hikes In The World

There is pure beauty in every part of nature and also some spectacular places that are worth visiting. There are also many hiking trails in the world but only a few will leave a mark with a story to tell. They are located all over the world and reachable. You might need to safe up a bit to travel but than again, you have your whole life to do it!! We made a list of the ten best hikes in the world that you should visit. Doesn’t have to be right now but surely needs to be aded to your bucket list.

– Inca trail located in Peru

All you need is a four days to explore this beautiful trail. It’s such a beautiful place and it is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the whole world. Everyone’s favorites!

– Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, located in Africa

This is a very special destination (Africa). There are many ways to reach the peek of the mountain and it’s recommended to travel with a special guide.

– The Grand Canyon Hike in Arizona, located in the USA

You only need four to six days to discover the grand canyone. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world. It has incredible views and spectacular landscapes.

– The Pacific Crest Trail in California, Oregon and Washington, located in the USA

Such a big region and to explore it all, you may need six to seven months. You will be inspired to visit these stunning trails by reading the book “Wild”. Visit this marvelous place from April to October.

– The Tonquin Valley in Alberta, located in Canada

This is a must see place! You will need three to five days to hike the area which is also the continental divide, running along the peaks of the South Jasper Range.

– The Bay of Fires in Tasmania, located in Australia

The lovely view of turquoise waters and beautiful beaches will take your breath away. Put this spectacular place on your wish list and organize a trip to visit, at least once in your lifetime.

– The Kalalau Trail in Kauau, Hawaii, located in the USA

You will have the opportunity to visit the jungle, waterfalls and many other beautiful views of the ocean.

– A tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy and Switzerland

During the path you will be able to create great scenario and film some spectacular videos. You will have the opportunity to visit three different countries, just by being there.

– The Routeburn Track located in New Zealand

The hiking route offers amazing views as well and it has less traffic. Hiking between November and April is recommended.

– The Appalachian Trail, Located in the USA

The amazing Appalachian trail that is known around the world. It is worth a visit. You will cross fourteen states. Make a good organizational plan for this once in a lifetime trip.

We are excited to share this list with you and hope someday you are able to visit at least three of these places.