Packsture Jacket Full Review

The Packsture outdoor jacket is designed to feature a range of outstanding features. Although designed for outdoor activities during cold periods, the jacket still offers some good level of functionality in other use situations. Here, let’s look at the jacket properly.

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If you’ve heard of Packsture before, then you have heard about how great they are in the production of high-end daily use items. They recently made their debut in the industry, but they are already showing us some good stuff. You’d love the special attention they pay to the slightest details of quality and functionality in all their productions, so it’s no wonder they’ve had their customer base increase at an incredible pace over the past weeks. Okay, this is a review of the Packsture outdoor jacket, so let’s get right into it.

This outdoor jacket from Packsture is everything a user will dream of in an outdoor jacket, from design to functionality and with an ability to blend with other fashion pieces, while keeping its wearer up to date with modern style. During our survey of the jacket, we discovered that it is perfect wear for both outdoor and indoor use, so whether you are just taking a stroll during winter or travelling, the jacket does well to provide sufficient warmth for you, while keeping you in style for almost every event. Never before have we seen a jacket loaded with so many features – it is almost impossible to be overlooked by fashionistas and non-fashion enthusiasts alike; of course, this stands it out in an entirely different league of its own. So when you think about “Winter”, you should be thinking about tucking yourself into a jacket that is worth the wear. Okay, let’s take a break on the back and forth and dive right into this and what its features are really like. It’s going to be quite a long read, but we promise you will be thrilled all the way, because really, never has an outdoor jacket provided as many thrills as this one.

On first sight, the jackets seem more like stylish wear than a winter jacket, although not disputing its outstanding functionality. However, its look makes ist something worth owning for multipurpose usage. It is stylish wear that’s indeed great for wear to outdoor events, yet protective enough for even the most intense weather conditions.

We’ll talk a lot about its features, but before diving that deep, let’s take a few moments to look at what the amazing jacket is made of. The makers of this jacket don’t look like they are here for some joke at all, considering the efforts they’ve put into this jacket. They say that the fabrics for this jacket were carefully picked like it was specifically made for it – and we do not doubt this at all because once we saw it, we didn’t need any special message to decode its outstanding quality. Okay, too many words already? Let’s look at some of the materials that were used…

Materials/Technologies: Laser cut design, underarm ventilation system, taped seams, Thinsulate insulation, waterproof fabric, and a number of really interesting pockets… Oh did we mention that it has a survival whistle too? Absolutely yes!

Now that’s what we call being stocked from start to finish.

Talking about its color, the Packsture outdoor jacket is designed in black, with a white touch of the company’s logo, but these two are blended in a way that seems perfect and comfortable to the eyes. To say the color complements its style is somewhat an understatement, and for real, the color makes it a perfect match for any other color of fashion piece – of course, every inclined fashion person will attest to this. It looks great, and honestly, it feels great too.

Okay, let’s take a look at other features that I find interesting about the jacket.

Designed as a True-to-Size Unisex Fit

We think this is something to applaud the company for. One step into the world of jacket production and they’ve gotten this one correctly. The jacket is produced in multiple true-to-fit sizes to meet the need of just anybody, irrespective of size. Apart from being great for every size, the jacket’s design also means that anybody from both sexes can wear it – it’s called “unisex design”, isn’t it? Well, that’s what this company brings to the table, and yes, a lot of us fans of jackets are glad that we finally have a jacket that we can share with our spouses, without the worry that it will not fit as properly as they will like. So, you see? It is just the perfect wear when you’re looking for a size that fits.

Packsture Outdoor Jacket Leverages 3M’s Popular Thinsulate Synthetic Fiber Thermal Insulation

For the not so skilled person in fashion, this may seem like too many big grammars packed in one sentence and can make you have a headache, but don’t worry, I’ll try to explain what this means in simpler terms.

When we wear jackets, we want it to cover up and give us as much warmth as possible, while staying light and comfortable. Bigger jackets are of course the easy go to when it comes to keeping warm, but are they light and comfortable? Hell no! So the need of a material that’s light enough, yet with the right technology to keep you warm in the coldest weather gave birth to the Thinsulate Synthetic fibre thermal insulation by 3M, a technique that aptly combines very thin fabrics with the right warmth. Thankfully, the Packsture outdoor jacket has adopted this technology well, so staying warm doesn’t have to be too difficult. Well, the jacket’s body holds between 40-60 grams of insulation and its arm holds 30-40 grams, which we think is pretty comfortable for its lightness. We’ll talk about how light the jacket is in another section, but one thing is for sure, this jacket is light enough for you to stay comfortable while carrying out your favorite activities, even in the coldest weather.

Packsture Outdoor Jacket Features a Special Waterproof Nature

Want to go on with your normal activities during long hours of downpour? Throw a Packsture outdoor jacket over your shoulders, and you’ll be good to go. How does it handle this? The fabric has been made to feature a waterproof capability of up to 10,000 grams, combined with an MVTR of 10,000g. Okay, we said no more excessive technicalities in our words. We are simply saying that if you are looking for a tough jacket that can comfortably protect you even in the coldest conditions, even down to -4F (20C), the jacket will do it for you in style, while still staying at a weight that you can easily feel comfortable handling hard work with.

Many Pockets for Endless Storage Possibilities

The beauty of this jacket is certainly out of this world, but that’s not all that there is to it. Its functionality is something amazing too. Take a look at the number of pockets in the jacket, and you’ll be amazed by just how much it can store. The pockets on the side have matching zippers for easy sealing and security while on the go. Do you want to store your mobile phone while handling some heavy outdoor activities? Just throw it into the pocket and zip it up and it’ll remain comfortably sealed there for months if you want. There are pockets for storage of items of many different sizes. No need to worry, since the jacket is waterproof, nothing’s happening to your belongings – not as long as they are tucked comfortably into the jacket’s pockets. While surveying the jacket, we were sure to use these pockets and we were pleased by the outcome we saw, apparently, the company was paying attention to the need for storage options that could aid safe and comfortable storage. One cool thing about these pockets is that travelers who will stay a day or two in their destination may not need to carry any additional bags anymore. Not when you have your essentials stored up in your pockets.

Great for When the Temperature Begins to Take an Upward Turn

We’ve said before that the design of the Packsture outdoor jacket is nothing short of spectacular. We are not tired of repeating it. The jacket’s design features mesh-lined underarm ventilation that helps release heat when on high intensity hikes or right when the temperature begins to take an upward turn. So you see, the company thought it wise to not only focus on the colder side of the weather, but to also look at situations when it gets hot. Apart from this beautiful technology, the company also ensures that the fabric used for production easily wicks away sweat. Of course, it is waterproof with taped seams for proper dryness during rain showers, but sure, enough care was also paid to the aspect of keeping you dry when the weather takes an upward turn. I love to hike and snowboard, and we’ve found that this jacket seems just the perfect apparel for keeping me dry and warm during time out in the snow and while mountain climbing. There are a lot of jackets out there on the market, even in the same category as this one, but you’d be shocked at how many of them do not pay attention to these features that are considered minor. Fortunately for a lot of us that love to wear jackets, Packsture had us in mind when they took to the papers to design this jacket.

Oh. Did we mention that this jacket also has a removable hood that’s compatible with helmets? Of course, thousands of other jackets in this category feature this, but for real, this one is different in a way that we consider interesting. This one is detachable. Hoods don’t always come with their own additional style, but this one perfectly complements the remaining parts of the jacket in a way that can be said to be stylish… And yes, that can be said to be some additional covering for colder days, right?

If by now, after all we’ve said and shown you, you still can’t tell that this outdoor jacket offers a lot, then you really should hold and feel it yourself to appreciate its exceptional quality. When it comes to functionality, this is certainly one of the best jackets out there, because it can comfortably serve you in a lot of ways, plus its look is something out of the ordinary.

There are also survival items attached to the jacket. Items such as a whistle and a compass will help you when you lose your way. Whether it’s in the woods or between tall mountains that look like the middle of nowhere, you won’t get stuck again, because, with the compass, you can find your way out and the whistle can help you signal nearby people to come and rescue you.

The price of the jacket is rather modest – something we consider to be affordable considering all the value that you are bound to get from the jacket.


  • Designed with excellent materials
  • Highly versatile and extremely customizable.
  • Does a great job at blending style with function
  • Works well for different weather conditions


This outdoor jacket from Packsture is one that we consider to be an everyday jacket for wear in different situations. Its long-lasting nature is undoubted, and it brings a unique level of quality and functionality that is on an entirely different level when compared to other jackets in its class. It is obvious that the producers of the jacket put in much effort in researching and designing the jacket.

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