Rivers vs. Lakes – What’s Best?

We can’t live without water, that’s for sure! Having to choose between rivers vs. lakes is fairly easy when you really know what you want to do; the choice is obvious! Both have advantages and disadvantages for those who seek the thrill of being in the water.

Rivers are great for summer time for a refreshing sounds and views. If they are located in remote areas they are great. You can escape your hectic lifestyle and have some piece of mind and enjoy the sound of murmuring waters hitting the rocks! Some areas have beautiful landscapes in addition to water! Being outdoors is totally RAD!!

If the river water seems to be clean there is no harm in taking a dive, having a picnic with your family and friend; perhaps spend all day enjoying the surroundings or do what we call here @Packsture “Recharge your batteries” – Rivers are also a great way for directions as well for those who are lost! You can also stay hydrated while waiting for help!

Being outdoors around a river can be rewarding for families with children. You can take your kids for water sport adventures like Stand Up Paddle, rafting, kayaking or fishing. Kids today are stuck with technology and rarely ever want to do any sports activities but pulling them out and having them experience the outdoors will be a game changer. So make sure to take away their gadgets while outdoors because they are bound to spend time with you and actually have some real fun, instead of virtual activity! We are sure a lot of parents would tend to agree with us 🙂

Some of the disadvantages of a few rivers are how clean they are, especially if they are close to the city, but that’s not always the case. Polluted waters must be avoided.

Lakes are much more bigger and have more options than rivers. Lakes are natural and have more advantages. You can plan your summer holidays on some of the most beautiful lake locations. If you are not willing to travel to some far land for exotic experiences look for lakes around your area. Lakes tend to have lodging accommodations, camping sites, it’s a tourist attraction. You can enjoy the views and also meet and talk to people from all over the place, in case you want to be social of course. In natural lake people can take a dive and swim as well.

Both rivers and lakes are created by mother nature and they are very useful. Water is an essential source for all human beings and no matter if it’s a lake or river, you can always have a fantastic time outdoors. Thanks for following! Please feel free to leave a comment.